Our Mission:

The mission for the events sponsored by The McGuireWoods Emerging Manager Program is to provide a multi-faceted platform that helps to bridge the gap between emerging managers and the broader investment community. We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing, networking, and mentorship to fuel success in the competitive landscape of private equity.

What We Offer:

Why Attend?

  1. Networking Opportunities: Our events are renowned for their ability to bring together a diverse group of professionals, including emerging managers and experienced investors. Forge valuable connections that can lead to new partnerships, investments, and growth opportunities.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: Stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices through panel discussions, keynote presentations, and interactive sessions. Gain actionable insights from experts who have navigated the complexities of the investment world.
  3. Access to Capital: Connect with a wide range of limited partners, including family offices, insurance companies, pensions, endowments, fund of funds, and other institutional investors. It’s an opportunity to present your mandate and potentially secure LP commitments.
  4. Mentorship and Guidance: Access mentorship programs and resources to help emerging managers navigate the challenges of fundraising, compliance, and operational excellence.

Stay Informed:

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Los Angeles, CA

February 8, 2024

Dallas, TX

April 16-17, 2024 Learn More

Boston, MA

February 29, 2024

Chicago, IL

March 7, 2024