The McGuireWoods Emerging Manager Launchpad: Your Path to Fund Formation Success

Welcome to The McGuireWoods Emerging Manager Launchpad – your comprehensive resource for investment managers embarking on the journey to launch their first, second or third commingled private investment fund and secure investments from institutional partners.

In the intricate world of private equity, raising and investing capital is just the beginning. Successful fund management involves myriad responsibilities, from investor reporting, accounting, tax management, staffing, staff equity and non-equity related compensation and benefits, regulatory compliance, cash management, insurance, and much more.

Our Emerging Manager Launchpad is meticulously designed to help emerging managers better understand these activities and develop a plan to address both the managers’ core functions and these additional activities. Institutional investors’ diligence processes often involve questions regarding fund managers’ plans to address these activities, and presenting an effective and thought-out plan to address them can ease an otherwise time-consuming and fraught fundraising process.

Inside the McGuireWoods Emerging Manager Launchpad, you’ll find resources such as:

Please check back often, as we periodically update and supplement these materials.

Our McGuireWoods Private Investment Fund team is here to support you at every step. Should you have questions or seek personalized guidance on how the activities and considerations outlined in this toolkit apply to your specific fund strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Your journey to fund formation success begins here. Contact our team today to request access to our Launchpad, initiate a conversation about your fund formation aspirations and let us help you transform your vision into reality.